Together with AIRCO for the environment
Being familiar with responsibility also means making responsible decisions.

The environmental protection issue becomes increasingly important today to leave
a clean and especially beautiful planet also for future generations.

We take up the challenge of pursuing harmony with the environment deliberately through energy-conscious actions and mindsets approaching the future with a sense of responsibility. Regardless whether devices at the company such as computers, fax machines or printers, lighting in our offices, heating or our AIRCO Service vehicle daily en-route to our customers - AIRCO is strictly certified according to ISO 14000 environmental audit.

The research and development in the area of nitrogen and oxygen generation AIRCO
entertains at this constitute a key basis of our work which has led to the development of environmentally responsible systemsand patents.

Apart from the protection of the environment our customers also benefit from the technological development and research AIRCO performs.


  • Saving energy costs up to 70%

  • Saving CO2 emissions 

  • KfW promotion of our systems possible up to 30%

  • Independence of own production at net cost price